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Summary of the Issues

During Judge Stettin’s tenure as a sitting judge, he has concurrently conducted a lucrative private practice. Stettin’s business includes privately paid arbitration for which he enlists the American Arbitration Association to collect payments for Herbert Stettin PA from lawyers prohibited from paying Judge Stettin directly.  While enriching himself with millions of dollars in  payments from his business activities, Judge Stettin has exercised the power of judicial office and received the salary, benefits, and esteem of a sitting member of the Florida Judiciary.  Moreover, Judge Stettin has used his courtroom, chambers, office facilities, and court personnel to undertake his private activities, all at public expense.

The public has every right to question Judge Stettin’s conduct.  Over the past ten years, Stettin has annually filed sworn financial disclosures that conceal the identity of his sources of income and mislead as to the true nature of his $900,000/year private practice. Concurrently as a sitting circuit and 4th DCA appellate judge, Judge Stettin has presided over many cases without disclosure to the parties that he is being paid by local lawyers and law firms in a private capacity. The apparent impropriety of such undisclosed conflicts and the seemingly repeated attempts to cover them up should raise meaningful questions about Judge Stettin’s ability to act impartially and about the influence his financial interests impose upon his decision-making.