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About Us

Thank you for visiting This site was created by Florida Citizens for Florida Citizens. The site’s purpose is to assemble and make accessible information about Judge Herbert Stettin and his conduct while serving as an appointed judge in Florida over the last 11 years.

Accountability starts with citizens who are engaged in the process of creating honest government. Citizens have the constitutional right to inform each other about matters that are within the public interest. The public has an especially heightened interest in maintaining integrity among those who are honored with positions of power. Unfortunately there are public officials in all branches of government that deserve a closer look. However, the Judiciary holds a special place as the protector of our constitutional rights. Therefore, questions of impropriety regarding a Judge's conduct deserve special attention.

This site is intended to be a place to help Florida Citizens learn about a particular officer of the Florida Judiciary. This site is by no means exhaustive in scope and citizens are encouraged to expand their research beyond this resource to get a full picture of the situation. Please take the time to view the available evidence and decide for yourself what the appropriate response is. If you should choose, further inquiries and suggestions can be directed at, for example, the Florida Statewide Prosecutor, the Federal Department of Justice, the Florida Ethics Commission, and the Florida Judicial Qualifications Committee. To make direct contact with the administrators of, please use the contact form.