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Judge Herbert Stettin Accused of Deceit, Abuse of Judicial Office Press Release

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Miami, Florida – November 19, 2009 – Judge Herbert Stettin, the chief restructuring officer recently selected by the Rothstein Rosenfeldt & Adler Law Firm, has himself been accused of serial violations of Florida’s Constitution, Code of Judicial Conduct, and other applicable law. The accusations raise serious questions about Judge Stettin’s fitness to continue as a fiduciary for the victims of the Rothstein scandal, who have every right to demand the appointment of an honest and independent trustee to protect their interests.

Specifically, the numerous accusations against Judge Stettin include (evidence available at

  • Abusing his judicial office and the Miami Dade Courthouse for personal gain by conducting a constitutionally prohibited private law practice while concurrently serving as an appointed sitting Senior Circuit and Associate Fourth District Court of Appeals Judge with chambers and a courtroom in the Miami Dade Courthouse;
  • Filing false sworn financial and gift disclosures with the State of Florida since 1999 that conceal the sources of millions of dollars in payments and mislead as to the activity of his sole proprietorship law firm, Hebert Stettin P.A.;
  • Using the American Arbitration Association as a billing conduit to facilitate the ability of local lawyers and law firms to secretly and indirectly hire and pay Judge Stettin while at the same time appearing in his courtroom;
  • Wielding his judiciary power, under color of state authority as a sitting judge, in private arbitration proceedings to improperly confiscate millions of dollars in assets to fund his law firm’s activity; · Appointing “cronies” to a receivership whereby over a span of five years millions of dollars were misappropriated;
  • Accepting his appointment as receiver in the Rothstein scandal given either the real or appearance of conflicts created by Judge Stettin’s ties to members of the Rothstein Law Firm. Such ties include: Judge Stettin’s recruitment by and lengthy collaboration with Judge Barry Stone (now a member of the Rothstein Law Firm), on the 4th District Court of Appeals; Judge Stettin’s service on the 4th DCA with Judge Gary Farmer Sr., father of Rothstein partner Gary Farmer Jr.; alleged scamster Scott Rothstein’s position on the 4th DCA nominating commission; and Gary Farmer Jr.’s relationship with Eric Stettin, Judge Herbert Stettin’s son.

These accusations have been raised in the American Arbitration Association case #321810001800 by Peter Halmos and Richard A. Sharpstein as a result of their investigations into Judge Stettin’s conduct.

Mr. Sharpstein, a former Miami Dade County prosecutor with thirty years of trial experience in Miami, stated, “The Florida Constitution prohibits a sitting judge from procuring, directly or indirectly, privately paid legal employment and requires sworn annual disclosures that identify the sources of income and gifts received by public officials.” The documents and testimony presented repeatedly in the arbitration reveal a pattern of disregard for the constitutional restrictions of a judge’s sole duty to the public work of his office, violations of the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct, and fundamental fairness to the citizens of Florida. The victims of the Rothstein Rosenfeldt & Adler Law Firm have every right to question Judge Stettin’s fitness to continue as their fiduciary and to seek the appointment of an honest, independent trustee.